Humayun Ahmed – the Captivating Story-teller

Humayun Ahmed (13 Nov 1948-19 Jul 2012). Portrait by Mashuk Helal.

Humayun Ahmed (13 Nov 1948-19 Jul 2012). Portrait by Mashuk Helal.

Today is the first death anniversary of Humayun Ahmed, the charismatic story-teller who has reigned in the country’s literary arena for  more than 3 decades.  His direct but subtle style of writing will catch the reader’s attention from the first sentence and first paragraph of his stories.  He is a magician of pen and pied-piper of the new generation.  In the book fair, you can easily recognize where Humayun’s books are sold by the number of the customers thronged in front the book stalls.  For buying a new novel you will have to rush earlier than it is placed to the book racks of the popular book stores.  He is the most popular writer, humorist dramatist, successful film maker and a secret painter.  He used to insert his own songs in the films that he made.  The artists who played in his films or drams could be a sure winner of prizes and recognition.  Most of his writings and movies dealt with the liberation war and the every day life the middle class people of the country.

Nonido Noroke (The Beautiful Hell) is his first successful novel.  The Story of a Mother and of a Moonlit Night (Josna O Jononir Golpo) is one of his most notable novels.  The most remarkable and prize willing films are: Aguner Poroshmoni, Shonkhoneel Karagar, Srabon Megher Din and Daruchini Dip.

Humanyun’s father was a police officer who was martyred in the Liberation War of Bangladesh (1971).  The son of a freedom-fighter, Humayun has reflected his agony in the stories and dramas which had great effect on the common people most of whom belong to the new generation.

Critics have many things to degrade his works, but as a reader, I find his writing very interesting, funny and also instructive in a funny way. Some people say his writings lack substance, but I think most people in our country has started reading with his novels. Therefore, he had a great role in bringing the reluctant people close to books.

Humayun has a great place in the heart of the common people, as his books made its place into many people’s shelves.  My tribute to this great soul on his first death anniversary.

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